SECTION NINE: Legal Services

The Plan has retained the services of attorneys so that you and your eligible dependents may receive free legal help with a variety of services, such as buying a home, or preparing a will.

  • The Legal Services Plan is funded through your Employer contributions.
  • All services provided through this program are confidential.
  • You must be eligible for benefits at the time you apply for Legal Services.
  • You will receive a Miscellaneous 1099 form each year for the total premium paid to the law firm on your behalf.

What you need to do:

  • When you need legal services, call the Fund Office to obtain a Legal Service Form. You will be referred to the Law office of ARAG.

The Following services are provided by the Plan to you and your family members: (please note that some of the services listed below are for the member only)

  • Legal Advice and Consultation
  • Consumer Transaction
  • Domestic Relations
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Wills
  • Estates
  • Traffic Violations
  • Immigration
  • Insurance Company Claims
  • Criminal Matters
  • Income Tax preparation/Tax planning/Estate Tax planning, Advice and consultation.

What's Not Covered

The following services are not covered under this Plan:

  • Commercial or income producing realty matters involving leases, buy and sell agreements, incorporations and general business transactions.
  • Claims on behalf of the plaintiff for bodily injuries resulting from accident or other cause.
  • Claim for compensation under Workers' Compensation Act.
  • Legal services that are fee generating or commercial in nature including any services in connection with patents, trademarks or copyrights.
  • Controversies or suits against the Fund, Trust, Trustees, Employers contributing to the Fund or any other participates.
  • Contingent fee cases, including accident cases where, under ordinary circumstances, a fee would be paid from what is recovered.
  • Business expenses, such as legal fees and expenses incurred in connection with any business venture participating in by an eligible member or dependent, including all legal expenses for which a federal income tax deduction or allowance would be permissible as a business expense or capital investment.
  • All pending cases in which counsel has already been engaged or retained.
  • Unemployment compensation cases.
  • Payment of fines, penalties or civil damages.
  • Any matter or proceeding involving legal services that is available through your insurance.
  • Payment of filing fees or witness fees or for appraisals, investigation reports, depositions, stenographic fees, printing and copying, long distance calls, photography, bond premiums, bail services or fees, service of process and medical and scientific examinations, tests and reports.

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