October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October's Health Observance is Breast Cancer Awareness. Below are educational resources for Breast Cancer information:

· Breast Cancer Overview
· Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis
· Breast Cancer – Early Detection is Key

Infographics can be a fun and effective way of supporting education campaigns.
Check out this infographic on Steps to a Successful Mammogram.

To view the full library of UnitedHealthcare infographics, please go to www.uhc.com/health-and-wellness/info-at-a-glance.

The United at Work Podcast of the Month of October is Stages of Women's Health
The Stages of Women's Health podcast addresses the key health concerns for women at each stage of life and offers a checklist of steps to improve and protect health during each phase.
Please view the attached flyer for more information about the United at Work podcast series. Also attached are the Stages of Women's Health Quiz and Quiz Answers that accompany this month's podcast.

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November Preview:
November is Diabetes Awareness Month
Infographic of the Month: Diabetes: Stay Well Head-to-Toe
United at Work Podcast of the Month: Understanding Diabetes

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